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Impossible SH
Hello Internet! -- I'm a crazy little fangirl with a massive obssesion disorder- as in I'm too obssessive with stuff (like sherlock and doctor who and marvel and music and youtubers and so).
And now you can join me in the mess\adventure that is my life! or you won't.. whatever you'd like.. I won't be forcing you.. I'm just a delicate pink butterfly.
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  •     There is something crass about self- promotion. I can’t do the Twitter thing either. Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I need to be better at saying: ‘Check me the fuck out, motherfuckers.’ I should do that. ‘Yeah, so go see the fucking movie, because it’s the best fucking thing that you will ever see!’
    — Andrew Garfield, April 2014
    Benedict Cumberbatch You Do Count BBC Sherlock



    "you’re wrong, you know"

    [request by sunhasfadedmoonisdead

    Right in the feels.

    three cheers for me, for i am working on my history paper for a week now and done basically nothing

    also my throat is soar again why

    Augustus: so your name is four
    Tobias: yeah
    Augustus: you could say it's a metafour
    Tobias: will you stop